“I have never met a player who has the ability to play so much, yet have the generosity in spirit to serve the songs best and play less…who will hear “the parts” before he plays them.” –Gene Kim, producer/engineer

Elevating the Artist through development. Great recordings begin with a great song. From pre-production development and tracking to overdubs and mixing, I try to give the artist a chance to realize the best recording they can make. In the studio, being prepared and organized  makes for comfortable, fun, and creative sessions for all involved…where the artist can simply “be the artist” without worrying about logistics.

Deane Cote has been an accomplished session and touring guitarist, musical director, writer/composer and producer for 25 years. He gets the best out of everyone by trusting in their process and skills as much as his own.


“Roads” by Dan Sogorka

Dan Sogorka: vocals, guitar
Deane Cote: guitars, mandolin
James East: bass
Josh Thompson: drums
Michael Feldman: piano
Erdis Maxhelaku: cello
Marta Z: viola
Molly Jenson: vocals

Produced by Deane Cote
Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Alan Sanderson
at Pacific Beat Recordings, San Diego, CA

All songs ©2020 Dan Sogorka, BMI

“Christmastime Again”
from “Christmas with Nena” EP
by Nena Anderson
Written & Produced by Deane Cote. 

“Something You Do”
from “Dark & Lovely” album
by John Bennett
Lead guitar & Production by Deane Cote.

“Blink of An Eye”
from “Dark & Lovely” album
by John Bennett
Lead guitar & Production by Deane Cote.

“Warn the World”  by Darren Raser
Electric Guitar by Deane Cote.